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The Life and Times of IE6

I came across an awesome comic strip describing how IE6 came into being, why it wasn’t upgraded and, most importantly, can we now get rid of it?

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Easter Egg: God Mode in Windows 7

It’s nice to know that the guys at Microsoft still have a sense of humour: How to Enable Godmode on Windows 7

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SharePoint: I… Understand

A common question I get is "what is SharePoint?" – especially when installing a fresh copy of Windows Small Business Server (which comes with SharePoint inbuilt). My honest answer has always been "I have no idea, but I don’t think you’ll need it"

But now I understand what SharePoint is thanks to the following short video – and how wrong I was about people not needing it.

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Multithreading Analogy

I’ve always been a bit contentious about starting my own blog, “Is it worth it?”, “Will I blog enough?”, “Will people event read it?”, etc. However, after reading this post from the MSDN, I realised that I may as well – even if it is just to repost nuggets of information like this:

This is one of *the* best analogies for how multithreading works and where the performance and stability of issues that poorly written multithreaded applications derive from. Its a bit of a long post, but well worth the read:

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